At Run Racer Run, we understand the importance of celebrating your achievements and tracking your progress. That’s why we offer a weekly weekend report, where members can share their running experiences, celebrate their successes, and get motivated to achieve more. Our weekend report includes: – A summary of the week’s running activities – Personal bests achieved by members – Challenges overcome by members – Motivation and inspiration from fellow members – Shoutouts to members who have excelled in their running journey Our weekend report is a great way to stay motivated and engaged with our running community. Join our group today and start sharing your running experiences with like-minded individuals.
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Bryn Williams

“Before discovering Run Racer Run, my estimated completion time of a marathon was 2 to 3 days, if at all! As someone new to running, I was in dire need of guidance experienced runners. To my amazement, my very first question was answered by an someone who has just completed a marathon in just 2 hours and 17 minutes! This level of expertise and willingness to help is something I believe is unique to the Run Racer Run community. In my view, Run Racer Run is the best thing to happen to running since the invention of Lycra!”

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Jessica Simon
As a newbie runner, I was intimidated to join a club, but Run Racer Run has been so welcoming and supportive. The WhatsApp group is a fantastic resource for tips and encouragement.

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